GS Ski (2023/24) with Race Plate (25 - 27.5 meter radius)

GS Ski (2023/24) with Race Plate (25 - 27.5 meter radius)

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Manny's Notes:
The 188cm is for the higher end FIS women. The 186 is what most FIS women will use. The 181cm is designed for first year FIS women. And the 176cm is a fun GS ski for cruising outside the gates. This ski is also a great ski for Ski Cross. Suggested bindings for this ski are the Freeflex 14/16/16X. Please consult with your coach before any purchase as they can best match your equipment to your skiing ability, strengths, and future goals. Enjoy the slopes!
*Note: Bindings sold separately*

  • Model: Worldcup Rebels e-GS RD
  • Speed: superfast
  • Terrain: On Piste
  • Skill: Experts
  • Length: 176 / 181 / 186 / 188
  • Radius: 23 @ Length 176
  • Radius: 25 @ Length 181
  • Radius: 25 @ Length 186
  • Radiu: 27.5 @ Length 188
  • Sidecut: 104/65/87 @ Length 186
  • Plate: HEAD Race Plate WCR 14 short
  • Technology: Graphene, EMC

The FIS-approved Worldcup Rebels e-GS RD FIS brings speed, balance and control to the GS courses of the world. It features HEAD's new innovative EMC technology, which reduces vibrations and increases stability for an overall smoother ride as well as Graphene technology for optimized weight balance distribution and perfect balance and control. With its reactive wood core, it is stronger, lighter and more powerful than its competitors. It is no wonder this one has won more Olympic medals than any other.

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